T. M.

Facial Rejuvenation

“This was my first Botox experience and thanks for Dr. Akhavani it was a very good one. The procedure was painless (I have a very low pain threshold) and I was expecting discomfort but when you choose a talented surgeon rather than a beauty professional this is just one of the differences.

The results were perfect first time, no need for any top ups. The look is natural and refreshed, it’s impactful without looking like I have had work done. I wasn’t very wrinkly but was starting to look tired and frowny. Dr Mo fixed that for me perfectly!”

M. L.

Breast Reduction

“Dear Mr. Akhavani – A big thank you for my breast reduction you performed on me. Put it simply, you have changed my life! I am absolutely delighted with the results! I cannot believe the miracle you have performed. In the fortnight since the operation, I have gone through an emotional roller coaster of a journey, but that all has been due to getting used to my new bust! It was all worth it and words really cannot express how grateful I am to you and your team.

I feel like a new person. My clothes fit wonderfully, my back pain is easing and I look a lot slimmer (always a good thing!) and my confidence has shot up! When you were drawing the markings on me, I mentioned there was a dress I wanted to fit into-it fits perfectly now. I am the happiest I have ever been and having this surgery, and such a fantastic surgeon performing it, has contributed so much to that. You really have changed my life. Thank you for everything. You rock!!!!”

S. T.


“Dear Mo, thank you for changing my life! I can now fit into my old trousers! Will persevere with my scar massage too! Please thank your team on my behalf.”

J. P.

Skin Cancer Excision

“Dear Dr. Mo, I want to express my gratitude for making me so much at “ease” during my op two weeks ago. The staff were wonderful. I wish you all the best!”

C. R.


“Again thank you for looking after Callum! He is so happy with his new ears and is looking forward to going back to school”

Z. K.

Male Breast Surgery

“I was always embarrassed of my “man boobs” despite being very active in the gym. Mr. Akhavani reassured me that the surgery will leave very small hidden scars and to my surprise-he was right! I am delighted with my results!”

T. P.

Skin Cancer

“Having been diagnosed with Stage 3 skin cancer (MM) and feeling very much like a medical statistic in the system, I was not looking forward to my appointment with the consultant, Mr. Akhavani (Mo). However, my reticence was clearly misplaced. Mo’s blend of professionalism, compassion and humour helped to build an almost immediate trust and I instinctively felt in very good hands. He answered all my questions patiently, carefully and clearly, imbuing me with a much-needed sense of calm. My surgery (options and procedures) were explained clearly beforehand and performed exactly as described; on schedule and very efficiently.

Mo’s was one of the first faces to greet me after my operation, ensuring that I felt well and explaining to me and my wife that everything had gone exactly as planned, once again putting my mind at rest. Post op, Mo outlined the next stages of the process, including respective timescales for my results, encouraging me to relax and get on with my life in the meantime. He explained the subsequent test results in detail and, once again, answered all questions with care and diligence. Even though I needed further surgery, Mo continued to support and reassure me (and my wife) that he and his team were absolutely committed to my full recovery. He was true to his word. Cancer is always an unwelcome guest, but Mo’s personal skills, professional abilities and genuine concern was exactly what I – and my family – needed to successfully deal with it. I would recommend him very highly indeed.”

N. K.

Facial Rejuvenation

“My first Botox experience. Was slightly anxious however I was re-assured throughout. Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, really friendly staff and there was minimal discomfort during the procedure.

I am really pleased with the results.
Thanks Mo you’re the BEST!

See you in three months for my top up”

M. M.

Breast Augmentation

“I am delighted with my new DD cups size! Dr. Akhavani actually advised me against having larger implants! Extremely ethical and mild mannered!! Can’t recommend highly enough!”

A. R.

Facial Rejuvenation

“I had been searching for a new practitioner to administer my Botox treatment (the one I loved moved). Having had variable experiences with Botox treatments in the past I was very keen to find some one competent. For a number of years Mr. Akhavani has been treating my lines and wrinkles. He has always provided a professional service from consultation to follow up (if needed). I have always been very satisfied with my treatment and very happy with the results. I have never had any problems and would highly recommend him.”

N. A.

Breast Reduction

“Dear Mohammed (and team), Thank you so much for my breast reduction-now that I am out of my week-long codeine induced coma, I am getting used to them and they are great! You’ve all done such a fantastic job. Sorry I was such a neurotic wreck beforehand! Thanks to the rest of your team as well. All the best!”

M. K.

Hand Injury

‘Thank you so much for repairing my middle finger tendon! My finger has healed beautifully and the hand therapist are brilliant!

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