Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

Procedure: Traumatic and illness related hand surgery conditions
Anaesthesia: Local, regional (block) or general
Surgical time: 1-3 hours depending on the procedure
Hospital Stay: Day case
Time off work: Depending on the procedure
Back to light sports: Depending on the procedure
Full Recovery: 3 months for most procedures
Follow-up: 1 week, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months

Everything we do on a daily basis involves the use of our hands and any problems with them can have a devastating effect on us and being able to perform routine daily activities.

Prompt diagnosis and careful surgical planning and procedures are essential in order to minimise the difficulties caused by such issues.

Hand surgery problems are divided into two main subgroups:

 Hand conditions related to illness
 Hand problems as a result of traumatic injury

London based specialists hand surgeon Mr Mo Akhavani has expertise in managing all aspects of hand conditions, with his NHS practice mainly centring around hand surgery and upper limb reconstruction.

He is one of the few plastic surgeons to have passed both the British and European diplomas in hand surgery. Furthermore, he has published extensively in hand surgery and has been awarded the prestigious Hunterian Professorship for his research.

Types of Conditions

If you’re suffering from any of the following hand conditions and feel that surgery is required in order to regain and retain better use of your hands, Mr. Akhavani will be pleased to meet with you in one of his London clinics for a full consultation.

Below is a list of the common conditions that Mr. Akhavani treats in his private practice

If you’d like to arrange a consultation to discuss hand surgery with one of the UK’s leading hand surgeons,
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