Nipple Surgery

Nipple Surgery

Procedure: Reduction of large nipples or
correction of inverted nipples
Anaesthesia: Local or General
Surgical Time: 1 hour
Hospital Stay: Day Case
Time off Work: 1 week
Back to Light Sports: 2 weeks
Full Recovery: 6 weeks
Follow-up: 1 week, 6 weeks, 6 months
With clinics throughout London, Mr Akhavani offers corrective nipple surgery for patients who are unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of this area. While it can be a sensitive issue to discuss, it may help to know that inverted nipples and nipples that are too large in proportion with the rest of the breast are very common problems, and can be easily corrected with surgery.


Generally there’s no medical reason for inverted or large nipples, and they don’t pose any functional issues – but they can be a source of extreme unhappiness in women, leading to a lack of confidence and a poor body image.

Some women worry that their ability to breastfeed may suffer due to inverted nipples, or that nipple surgery may make future breastfeeding more difficult. Mr Akhavani will listen to all of your concerns during your consultation, and offer honest, straightforward advice and information at every stage.

For most women, the issue they wish to correct will be a completely natural part of their physical make-up, but there are also cases where the nipple or areola shape and size has been affected by puberty or pregnancy and breastfeeding.

However, it’s important to understand that sudden, uncharacteristic nipple inversion or any kind of discharge can be a symptom of breast tissue abnormalities, including benign or cancerous tumours. If you notice this happening to you, you should seek advice from your GP as soon as possible.

Corrective Nipple Surgery

During your initial appointment with Mr Akhavani, he’ll take down a full medical history and perform an examination. If you’re seeking surgery to correct nipple inversion, you’ll be assessed to identify what level of inversion is present.

The condition is caused by a natural imbalance between the milk ducts and the muscles, which need to work in harmony on order to present ‘normal’ looking nipples – by understanding the severity of the problem, Mr Akhavani will be able to suggest the best approach to nipple surgery to give you the desired outcome.

Whether your undergoing surgery to reduce the nipple or correct to retraction, the procedure itself is very quick and simple to perform, taking around an hour if treating both breasts. The treated area will be covered with a dressing and you’ll be sent home on the same day, under advice to rest and take the next day or two off work.

You’ll be fully healed within 4-6 weeks, and will be able to resume light sporting activity after 2 weeks.

If you feel that corrective nipple surgery would benefit you, please call us on 0203 733 3224 and we’ll arrange a consultation in the London clinic most convenient for you.