Breast Up Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast Up Lift (Mastopexy)

Procedure: Breast up lift and volume enhancement
Anaesthesia: General
Surgical Time: 3 hours
Hospital Stay: Day Case or 1 night stay in hospital
Time off Work: 2 weeks
Back to Light Sports: 6 weeks
Full Recovery: 3 months
Follow-up: 1 week, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months


Mastopexy surgery is the clinical name for a breast uplift or breast lift; London based surgeon Mo Akhavani has many years of experience in performing this procedure for women who wish to restore their breasts to their previous, youthful appearance.


There are many things that can contribute to sagging of the breasts, causing them to lose their ‘perkiness’, such as:

 Post pregnancy changes
 Breast feeding
 Naturally lax skin
 Ageing and the natural effects of gravity

Assessing Suitability for a Breast Lift Without Implants

A mastopexy or breast lift surgery can be performed with or without an implant; whether or not you need to have an implant will be governed by how much breast tissue is present.

Sometimes it’s possible to rearrange your existing breast tissue in a way that an implant isn’t required. The resulting scars from a breast lift can be T shaped or just around the nipple.

During your consultation, Mr Akhavani will discuss your medical history with you in-depth and carry out a physical examination. This will allow him to confirm that you’re a suitable candidate for surgery, and whether he’s able to perform a breast lift without implants or if these will be required.

It’s important to understand that it may not always be possible to meet your expectations with surgery and to explore the most realistic outcome of the procedure.

The Breast Lift Surgery Process

Once you’ve been assessed via a comprehensive consultation, the operation is carried out as a day case under general anaesthesia.

The breast lift typically takes between 2 to 3 hours to perform, and once completed a dressing will be placed on the incision and you’ll be discharged wearing a support bra for comfort. In most cases, you should be able to go home on the same day.

Breast Lift Recovery

After the surgery, you’ll be required to attend the dressing clinic to be reviewed, and then the outpatient clinic to meet with Mr Akhavani again in order to ensure that your scars are healing and there are no problems.

It’s advised that you take 2 weeks off work after the operation, with resumption of light exercise after 6 weeks – full recovery is expected 3 months after the operation.

Breast Lift Complications

When a mastopexy is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, the patient can achieve a great outcome with an uneventful recovery.

However, in a small proportion of cases some complications are a possibility, such as:

 Unsatisfactory scarring
 Breast asymmetry
 Nipple sensitivity
 Implant associated risks such as rupture (if used)
During your initial consultation, Mr Akhavani will explain all of the potential risks and complications of the surgery with you.

To book a consultation for a breast lift in one of our London clinics, please call us on 0203 733 3224 to make an appointment.


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